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Welcome to Pickety Books, where rhyming stories keep your child happy, engaged, and curious!

Who We Are

Pickety Books is the place to let your child’s imagination run wild!

Author and limerick lover, Lilla Nicholas-Holt, draws in parents and children alike with her exciting stories and creative rhyming skills.

Her books are gorgeously illustrated by acclaimed illustrator Giedre Sen to help set the scene.

What We Offer

Pickety Books brings back the art of rhyming children’s stories for parents and children.

Lilla Nicholas-Holt has brought to life charming characters such as the New Zealand ‘Riwi the Kiwi’ to take children on an adventure they can learn from in her picture books for kids.

We offer several fully illustrated stories that capture your child’s attention from the very first page!

Why Choose Pickety Books?

Originality, beautiful illustrations, and fun rhyming children’s stories are what you can expect from our books. Explore our selection of fun, hilarious and educational stories for preschool children and give your child a gift they’ll cherish forever.

Great books for grandparents raising grandchildren!


Recent Books..

Apart from Bad Nana, all stories are rhyming.

Our children’s books include a variety of gorgeously illustrated stories that are also ideal for children with dyslexia. Our Open Dyslexic font makes it easier to understand while remaining ideal for children without dyslexia as well. Find the best children’s book by age when you choose Pickety Books.

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“Cute, nice poetry, well illustrated.”

Melanie Allison

Bad Nana is a beautiful and funny story which most nanas can relate to. Have fun sharing this with your mokopuna (grandchildren).

Lyn Webster

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